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Key Medical Solutions was established in 2008. Our company leads the way in medical aesthetic  procedures with cutting edge technology and products from the pionering inovative companies around the world. It is the sole representative of these companies in Greece and Cyprus and helps physicians to increase their clientele while at the same time provide maximum patient's satisfaction. If you have any questions or want more information about Key Medical Solutions, please contact us. We love hearing from our customers and we would be glad to further assist you.


 Konstantinos Revelos
Elena Bouskou

Financial Manager

Customer Support

Mr Revelos coordinates the Financial and Investment Strategy of Key Medical Solutions. With a broad experience in Corporate Banking and Financial Management has been a founding member of the Company.

Mrs Bouskou graduated from the department of History & Archaiology of the Kapodistrian University in Athens. She is responsible for the front desk in Key Medical Solutions. She deals with customer inquiries, and passing on orders to the appropriate department. Her willingness and dedication over the phone maintain the high standards of customer satisfaction.


 Yiannis Somaripas

Digital Communication

Mr Somaripas studied Social Anthropology in the University of Kent at Canterbury. Since graduation he has worked as an article writer and translator. He has worked for more than 10 years in the UK, Greece and Cyprus, as a web designer. He now works as a digital comunication expert in Key Medical Solutions promoting the company's products to a wider audience through the use of social media and digital marketing techniques. He is also the designer of this website that you can always contact in case of non user friendly experiences.

George D. & George M.

Technical Department

 Thanasis Gkatzis

Sales Consultant

Clinical Trainer

 Irene Archontouli

Coordinator for sales developing OBAGI

Mr Gkatzis holds a BSc, and a MSc in Medical Physics. Thanasis is sales consultant and product specialist. He is a physicst specialized in effects of radiation on human body and in the application of laser systems. With his experience and knowledge, he will suggest you the most appropriate solutions for your practice in order to provide high quality service to your patients and increase your profits and reputation.
Thanasis will always stand by your side with great willingness and responsibility.

Mrs Archontouli has graduated from the National Academy of Nursing specializing as an assistant to surgery. Both the knowledge of the field of dermatology but also the one of plastic surgery, in addition to 15 years experience in the field of aesthetic medicine has the sole purpose to suggest the optimal and appropriate treatment for you.

OBAGI & IRENE is the KEY your success.

George D. received a B.S in Electronics engineering from Technological Educational Institute of Athens. He manages the technical service at the company. He has over 25 years of experience as a Service Engineer. He installs and repairs the electronic equipment according to manufacturer’s specifications. He operates systems, to demonstrate equipment and analyze malfunctions. He may advise management regarding customer satisfaction, product performance and make suggestions for product improvements.


According to Greek legislation Key Medical Solutions Ltd is obliged to post its annual financial statement for more information click here...


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Tel:  210 7483 896

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Pireos 37, Moschato,

183 46, Athens, Greece

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