“Cold against
fat cells.”

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All treatment with KRYOKONTUR is almost painless thanks to an optimised temperature profile. The treatment applicator conducts the cooling temperature to the surface of the skin via a transfer fabric and aided by vacuum. In this way, with a treatment time of up to one hour the fat layer embedded between the skin and the muscles is cooled to such an extent that fat cells are damaged and eliminated.


The Kryokontur system offers completely new options in the treatment of unwanted fat deposits. It has long been known that under a temperature of 7°C fat cells are damaged. This process is called cryolipolysis. During this process fat cells are destroyed then broken down and eliminated by a natural metabolic process. The optimised temperature profile makes treatments with the Kryokontur almost pain-free. A cooling applicator and a transfer pad in combination with a constant vacuum ensure an even transfer of cold to the surface of the skin. Using this method, depending on the area to be treated, the fat layer is treated for 35-70 minutes. Fat cells are permanently damaged. The metabolisation, decomposition and elimination of the destroyed fat cells, lasts up to 4 months. Apart from a short-term reddening of the skin and slight sensitivity to touch, side effects are so far unknown.



  • Stomach

  • Insides of thighs

  • Saddlebags

  • Hips

  • Back

  • Cellulite


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